To all CBL members and attendees:

It is with sadness and yet gratefulness that Christian Business Leaders is “closing it’s doors,” effective August 1st, 2019.  Christian Business Leaders, or CBL,  was formed in late 2011.  Men and women began meeting to talk about how we could develop a marketplace ministry in Rochester.  The question of how could we connect believers and provide venues to gather for encouragement and growth while reaching out and making an impact in our community for the glory of God was asked, and ultimately answered. 

Since that time, there have been a number of missional directives carried out, inspirational luncheons, marketplace small groups, and some larger events take place helping to glorify God in the workplace.  It was always CBL’s intention to provide resources and outreach opportunities to those in the marketplace.

For most of us on the leadership team, and those that have been in the past, it may not be the ending  we had in mind for CBL, but we feel it is the action that needs to be taken.  As you would imagine, it is tough to come to the end of a ministry that has been active in our community for the last 8 years, but the season of this ministry has now come to an end. 

This is not goodbye, it’s simply “see you later”.  The heart and soul of CBL has always been its people.  Even though we may not be meeting regularly, it is our prayer and desire that other groups may form, other gatherings may ensue, and the desire to still commune together will remain the same.  The organization of it all is simply not going to be happening anymore.

Some of you have become like family to each other over the last 8 years, and for that we are ever so proud to have had a hand in it.  You would meet people at CBL, get to know them, and in some cases help take care of them.  You were able to get attached in a way that had nothing to do with Business Leadership, and everything to do with loving one another. 

Bringing CBL to a close is not an ending like a failure, it is simply a pause in God’s greater story.  God was, and has been present since the inception of CBL, and HE will continue to be present in the lives of those who love him; business leaders and all. 

We’ve been faithful and now we move on.  We look forward to what God has in store for Rochester, MN.


Donna Hoehne

Christian Business Leader Board of Directors

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