Christian Business Leaders or CBL was formed in late 2011 as men and women began meeting to talk about how we could develop a marketplace ministry in Rochester that would connect believers and provide venues to gather for encouragement and growth while reaching out and making an impact in our community for the glory of God. 

Out of those initial planning meetings came four primary missions and directives:  monthly luncheons, marketplace small groups, an annual big event and the desire to provide resources and outreach opportunities in a variety of marketplace related areas.

In an attempt to bring the “Kings” (Christian Business Leaders) and “Priests” (Clergy) together to fuller expand the Kingdom of God in our community another directive was added.  In 2014 CBL hosted its’ first Annual Clergy Appreciation Luncheon.


Christian Business Leaders reaches across denominations and churches with the desire to see people have a fresh and personal encounter with Jesus Christ and to find purpose and meaning in our daily activities and responsibilities through that relationship.   

We believe in the truth of the inspired and infallible Word of God and are confident that lives will be transformed as we allow the Word to lead and guide us.  Our hope comes from the knowledge that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and we walk with faith and live with the power of His spirit inside of us leading, guiding and sealing our eternal destiny with Him forever.

Vision, Cause and Culture

For any ministry or business for that matter to have an impact for the kingdom of God there must be three components in full operation. There must be a vision from God that guides, a cause that drives within a culture thrives.

Vision – Guides

The vision of CBL is to create, facilitate & nurture small group opportunities for business men & women to study the word of God in the marketplace.

Cause - Drives

The cause of CBL is to expand the kingdom of God in the marketplace by activating Biblical principals in word, action and deed.

Culture - We Thrive

The culture of CBL is to one of honor where we highly esteem the Lord Jesus Christ and then one another above ourselves; encouraging each other to fulfill their destiny in Christ.