5 Attributes of Successful Christian Business Leaders

Over the next few weeks I want to introduce us to 5 common traits one Christian business man has observed that make for truly successful business leaders.

1. They Have an Unquenchable Passion for what they do.  

Whether it was educating tomorrow's workforce, getting packages to homes on time for Christmas, or leading people towards a relationship with Jesus Christ - each of the leaders I have observed had a passion for both their work and the mission of their organization that couldn't be stopped, minimized, or taken away. 

I'd love to hear from some of our Rochester, Minnesota Christian Business Leaders on how this is true for you in your organization or business.

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Tim Parsons is the Executive Pastor at First Assembly Communtiy Ministries in Lafayette, IN. Tim is also a gifted teacher, speaker, blogger, and consultant. In addition to working in the church, he has also held positions in higher education, hospitality, and retail. He is married with 3 children. Check out his blog at timparsons.me.