5 Attributes of Successful Christian Business Leaders #2

2. They Have a Foundational Belief in Their People.  This isn't just an internal feeling on their part. They believe in the people they work with and they talk about it often. They get out of the way and allow their people to do what they do best and allow room for the occasional error.

As I read Tim's second attribute I'm reminded of the two ways to treat people. One is start them out at 0 and expect or demand that they earn your respect and belief - one point at a time. The other is the one I've tried to live by and that is starting people out at 100% and they control and decrease.  Yes, that may cause mistakes or hurt on my part, but I agree that belief in people especially they people who work for me is critical to success.

I think this is where the issue of control and trust plays a big role.  And doesn't this show us the difference between being a BOSS and a LEADER? 

What do you think? Does it matter? Share your comments!