5 Attributes of Successful Christian Business Leaders #4

They Pay Attention to the Details.  It might be numbers (sales, attendance, etc.), it might be marks on the walls in the lobby, or it might be how the receptionist answers the phone.  Successful leaders pay attention to the details and they are interested in them.  They understand that, although they may need to more sales, details separate mediocre companies from successful ones.

Paying attention to the details has helped us grow a successful special event at Camp Victory.  In the non-profit world, there is a current trend to reduce or even eliminate special events from the organizations overall development plan.  To a certain degree, it makes sense.  Events are a lot of work for relatively little return. That is, in most cases.  One recent exception may be The Boys and Girls Club of Rochester's Chair Affair. According to their announcement on their Facebook page that event raised $374,000 for the organization! Hardly an irrelevant amount!

But that is not the norm in most cases.  However, at Camp Victory we view our events through the lens of awareness as much as net revenue.  For instance, our Zumbro River Community Festival is a thriving and growing event.  In less than ten years it has grown from a couple hundred people to almost 3,000 in attendance on our grounds.  It is a costly fundraising event that requires a ton of work and countless hours multiplied over 140 volunteers and staff.  But as one business friend pointed out to me a few years ago, we have to consider what our cost per lead really is.  What is it really costing us to be able to bring 3,000 people onto our grounds and see our camp and learn who and where we are?  It is quite literally a minuscule amount compared to the value we believe it brings.  

If we hadn't paid attention to the details (attendance, annual growth, expenses, cost per lead, etc.) we might not have continued the event or put as much effort into it each year.

What part of what you do could use more of this attribute?  What is an example of how it has helped you?