Bishops and Business Leaders: Christian Business Leaders = Kingdom Work


Bishops and Business Leaders

Biblical Principles for the King’s Kingdom

I think I have come to understand why CBL is so important to me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and stories. I’ve loved getting to know some amazing people. But the real key for me is that I see it as meeting the needs of the Kingdom. That’s Kingdom with a capital K.

I have spent nineteen years in local church ministry. I have been a youth pastor, associate pastor, and a senior pastor in America’s Upper Midwest. Prior to that I employed myself in the marketplace through various sales and management positions as my young family was beginning and growing. The more I studied and the more I grew in my faith, the more I became aware of a glaring issue (in my mind) that very few other people either weren’t noticing or denied it all together in the realm of their own faith and church experience. To me, that issue is summed up in one word; Kingdom.

I find it interesting that my current career, of 10 years now, is a unique combination of both “ministry” and “business.” But the issue of Kingdom is still pounding on my heart and causes me to be enthused at times while other times makes me cringe.  What I mean by “Kingdom” is the Kingdom of God. The kingdom that exists not only in Heaven or in the future, but also right now, here on earth.

One writer put it this way, “The Kingdom of God is a message not only about salvation and “going to heaven when you die.” ~ It’s a gospel that includes salvation, but it’s also about heaven being brought to Earth. It’s about a new government or sovereign kingdom where God rules; a self-contained kingdom being first established on Earth in people’s hearts.”[1]

So what is the “issue” that I am talking about? My issue has to do with what I see as a disconnect between what has become the “church” and what I believe Jesus truly intended for the “kingdom.” Unfortunately, it seems the church’s message has focused primarily on “getting to heaven” while ignoring what it means to rule on the Earth. We have built “churches” instead of building the Kingdom. “That’s why a fellow Christian will tell you, ‘My church is better than your church or my pastor is more anointed than yours.’”[2] How can we expect to influence the world as Jesus intended with this mindset?

Can you identify with any of this brief introduction of this subject? Whether we find ourselves serving as clergy (Bishops) or working in the marketplace (Business Leaders) we are all called to serve our ONE King and His ONE Kingdom.


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