Priorities for Successful Family Memories [A Proven Method]

When I was a kid, my brother, sister, and I never doubted we were my parent’s number one priority. They were incredibly hard workers. My Dad worked at the silica sand plant 12-16 hours per day every day for 30+ days in a row and then got one day off. My Mom was a janitor and left the house for work every morning at 3:30 a.m. so she could be home when we got off the bus. I’m so thankful for how hard they worked and instilled within us a solid work ethic. To tell the whole story though, I would have to also include that we were farmers and when they got home, we worked together to plant and harvest, feed and water the cows, tend the garden, and help Mom can our produce for the winter months ahead. We heated with wood so in the fall we also cut and split wood, stacking it just perfect so it wouldn’t tip over. To go one step further, we played too! In the winter, we snowmobiled, went sliding, ski’d, and made forts. In the summer, we played lawn and table games, played volleyball, rode bike, and just sat in the shade drinking lemonaide at the picnic table. One thing we never did though was miss church on Sunday. Cold or hot, storm or calm, we always went to church. In short, we were a busy family!

    I watch society running here and running there. People barely have time to stop at a stop sign - and if you watch, most people don’t - stop. People don’t have time to send birthday cards or Christmas cards. There is no time to read a book or spend time with the Lord. Are we really that much more busy today than my parents were as we were growing up?

    Sometimes I think society has changed and truly gotten more busy than ever before. Other times, I think society has just altered it’s priorities. Do we still have the priorities my parents did? God, Family, work, and fun - in that order? We are a wealthy society, that is for sure. 

    I think society has it’s priorities mixed up. I think society’s priorities are more like this: Work, play. That’s it. We are so busy working to make enough money to play like the Jones’ we really DON’T have time! We don’t have time to send birthday cards or Christmas cards. We don’t have time to read a book or play games with our kids. We don’t have time to clean the house or do lawn chores. As much as possible is hired out so we have time to play. Play Xbox, play on our phones, party with the neighbors, it goes on and on. Sadly, we don’t have time to read the word of God, pray, or go to church. Yet, if you talk to people, they are so hungry for something, ANYTHING. What they are missing is purpose and the meaning we get from being a child of King.

    As business leaders in our society, let’s set a good example of setting priorities. Let’s place God as first in our life. Let’s place everything else after Him. Family, work, and play is so important - but without God, it has no meaning.

God Bless!